10th Board Preparations : Coaching Institute vs Self Study?

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How Coaching Helps?
Cons of joining a Coaching
If you have made up your mind to join a Coaching Institute follow the below tips
Five tips when you opt for Self study


Undoubtedly coaching institute has become the part and parcel of board exam preparation and now a days students are heading towards coaching centers increasingly. But, undeniable is the fact that coaching classes play some vital roles towards achieving better results in examinations. Simultaneously, outstanding results in board exams without any help from coaching are not rare. And selecting and joining coaching unwisely and without expert’s consultation may prove to be waste of time, money and hard work. Usually, it is not compulsory to join coaching to score high in board exams during 10th and 12th standard. One should definitely not join coaching only to graze upon the notes and study materials provided by the coaching institute or teachers.

How Coaching Institute Helps?

1. Coaching classes guide the students appearing for board exams (9th to 12th standard) in a professional manner not only to do well in board exams but also to crack competitive exams and suggest better career options,
2. Students get personalized attention in coaching as the coaching classes consist of very limited number of students unlike the schools where 40 to 50 students are accommodated in a classroom.
3. Coaching generally ensures proper utilization of extra hours, discipline in academic proceedings, and an effective daily routine specifying study hour, game hour and leisure hours.
4. Coaching offers syllabus oriented tips and guidance which are beneficial for the learners to crack examinations like Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and IIT without cracking their wrists.
5. Very often many students cannot share their problems with their school teachers out of fear, shyness or hesitation.

Cons of joining a Coaching Classes

1) Very often coaching classes does not tell us something beyond our syllabus.
2) Coaching hardly plays any role in the development of the learners’ creativity and originality.
3) The independent thinking ability of the learners may be hampered by the coaching as they hardly provide individual demand oriented coaching and training
4) Most of the coaching institutes have become commercialized. Their prime target is to increase the number of students and earn money not proper academic development of students.
5) Attending coaching for 2 to 4 hours after school hours will definitely invite fatigue.
6) These Coaching institutes let someone else plan for you. Not necessarily if a plan worked for someone else it might work for you too. Even if it works it will be short-lived. Remember it is important to score but it is more important to learn the process which goes into it.

If you have made up your mind to join a Coaching Institute follow the below tips.

1. The first thing to look for is the teaching staff. Teachers should be subject matter expert.
2. Check whether there are provisions for doubt clearing sessions
3. Each class strength must be less
4. Focus should be more on learning the subject than just scoring good numbers.
5. Choose an institute which is closer to your house so that you do not end up loosing a lot of time
6. Join a smaller coaching because you will get more attention of the teacher, you will get to plan your studies along with the guidance of the teacher. Big Institutes tend to handicap students and plan and manage everything as per their process.


Five tips when you opt for Self study

Self study not only helps you in exam preparations but also in understanding yourself better. You learn to take decisions for yourself but this only happens when you are very serious about it and able to keep your focus through out the year and drive your studies consistently. Self study opens your mind to think critically and it helps you in owning your own decisions. You do not do something just because someone else wants you to do. Rather you will have a great chance of knowing more than those who are the mere grazers of notes and study materials offered by the coaching teachers.
If due to financial problems or some other reasons you are unable to get coaching, don’t worry, self study has no alternative. Here are some tips for those who opt for self study and want excellent figures in Board examinations.


Keep the focus and consistency throughout the year. Study the text books prescribed by your school rigorously. Do not hesitate to consult your subject teachers for suggesting authentic books necessary for self-study.


Identify your favorite subject. Since you don’t have to attend coaching classes after school hours, you will get a lot of extra time. Use this extra time to sharpen your skills i.e learn the subjects.


Do not ignore the significance of the class tests, pre-test and exams conducted in school. This will help you in understanding the level of your preparations.


Solve previous year test papers and question banks regularly.


You are living in an age of the internet. Utiltise it to the fullest by watching subject-related YouTube videos, internet study materials, e-mock test papers and Encyclopedia for advanced self study.

Final Words

Obviously, coaching has important roles to play in the present scenario of rat race where there is a mad competition to overcome one another. And of course, if spoken about a subject like physics or chemistry, generally the idea of coaching comes in mind as it is very hard for the learners to adapt with these subjects without a permanent and individualized guide or helping hand. Hence, there is a natural tendency to join coaching out of phobias or tradition to harness these subjects.
Here, comes the role of parents or guardians to a great extent to decide if it is necessary for their children to become a member of the crowd towards the coaching. While doing so parents should keep in mind the personal views of the learners about necessity of coaching for him and the information gap (if exist) between the learner and his or her peers.


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