5 mw biomass power plant

Heating achievement: 25 MWth. 95 percent of California's in-state generation portfolio. 667 mW 0. 5 MW straw-fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant currently under construction in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, in the eastern part of England. 5 MWe of renewable energy. two boiler units delivering steam to a common header.

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Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian | Mechanical Engineering

Szuhánszki J, Black S, Pranzitelli A, Ma L, Stanger PJ, Ingham DB & Pourkashanian M (2013) Evaluation of the Performance of a Power Plant Boiler Firing Coal, Biomass and a Blend Under Oxy-fuel Conditions as a CO2 Capture Technique. Energy Procedia, 37, 1413-1422.

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