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Kinjalk is an IT-Professional with an experience of over half a decade. Apart from being an IT professional, he is an SEO enthusiast and loves to write. Hapchap is his brain-child. He started Hapchap with an aim to help students in various ways. At Hapchap he has taken up a role of an Editor, an SEO Engineer, and a Blogger.

Jigeesha is an asset to the team. She has completed her Doctorate. She has an experience in the field of education and helps Hapchap grow as an advisor. At Hapchap she has taken a role of an Advisor, an Editor, and a Blogger.

Saloni she is a post-graduate in commerce from Rajasthan University. She is currently pursuing Company Secretariat course. Apart from all this she is associated with Hapchap. She is a contributor at hapchap and help our posts with her captivating style of writing. Saloni is a great individual and is contributing to help Hapchap grow.

There are quite a lot of other people who have recently started contributing to the growth of the Hapchap. We are in process of on-boarding some more contributors to the Team Hapchap.