Breaking the stereotype – Mary Kom

Defining Stereotype

Our societies have become over-systematic and organized. There is a certain way to carry out even a small piece of work. We try to conduct ourselves similar to others only to become average performers while those who fight and carve their own path, inspire others. Here is our first post in the series “Breaking the stereotype”.

Breaking the stereotype - Mary Kom

“Don’t give up as there is always the next time”- This quote has become an inspiration for many. From being a daughter of a poor rice farmer of North East India to five-time world boxing champion, Mary Kom’s success story is widely acclaimed.
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Breaking the stereotype - Mary Kom
Mary Kom

Follow your heart

Our “Magnificent Mary”, as she is called all around the world, is an Indian boxer born on 1st March 1983 in Kom tribe of Kangathei. She is the only women boxer to have won a medal in all the six world championships. Mary Kom wasn’t good in her academics but this did not bother her much. She followed her heart to become a boxer.
Mary Kom was inspired by Dingko Singh who was an Indian boxer from Manipur who rose to fame after the 1998 Asian Games. She saw how the villagers treated him after his victory and that truly influenced her to work towards her dream of becoming a boxer.

Create your own destiny

1. Strong Will and Determination

The odds were against her. In India, women boxers weren’t accepted truly in the society at that time. And her financial condition was also weak. She not only had to look after her three younger siblings but also had to help her parents in Jhum fields for a living. But her strong will and determination to succeed did not let her concede to the barriers. Her love for boxing and determination to bring her family out of poverty fueled her to work harder. She took boxing classes under M. Narjit Singh; the then Manipur State boxing coach. Her father, Mangte Tonpa Kom believed that the broken jaws and bruises on the face aren’t good for women. But after winning Manipur State Boxing Championship, her local heroics were spread across the state and her family came to know about her boxing. Seeing her dedication and talent, her father sold their precious cow to support her coaching expenses and to let her follow her dream.

2. Hard work

From national games to international games she quickly rose to fame kudos for her hard work. She was later proposed by K Onler Kom in New Delhi and tied the knot in 2005 after four years. Her success came after her marriage to K Onler Kom. Onler supported his wife throughout her journey through all the ups and downs. He took care of the children while she practiced. She broke the stereotype that a mother can’t become an athlete and won a bronze medal in 2012 London Olympics. And this came after the gap of eight years when everyone had lost faith in her. She stated that the London Olympics was the most prestigious event in her life. It gave her all the recognition she needed. Mary Kom became a household idol after Sanjay Leela Bhansali decided to make a movie on her life starring Priyanka Chopra which later on became a huge success.

Inspire others

Her autobiography “Unbreakable” is inspiring millions around the world and she has become what every other Indian female athlete wants to become. She has spread the message that in order make the world know you, you need passion, dedication and hard work is all that you need.

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