Is Engineering the Career for You?

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If you have passed your 10th and if you are asking this question –> Is Engineering the Career for You?Then you are doing the right thing at the right time. You must head towards Engineering not because everyone else is doing but because you love the profession. Correct career guidance after 10th is important.

Table of Contents

1. Why this is an important decision
2. Easier said than done
3. What takes to be an Engineer
4. A wrong decision can spoil your life
5. Look before you leap

Why this is an Important Decision

Each and Every decision in life is important but the one which impacts your entire life should be taken with an extra care.

Why I say so?

Because once you choose a career, Engineering in this case, you will end up being an Engineer either a bad, an average or a good one. If you become a good Engineer then its great but there is no point in being an average or a bad engineer.

Why would you want to be a second grade citizen of any fraternity?
In most of the cases where people are performing not upto the mark or are just average the major reason is that they do not enjoy their work. They drag themselves to the office in the morning, keep themselves somehow hanging throughout the day and leave happily. Imagine how torturous this can be if you have to do this throughout your life.
The impact is that slowly but eventually you would become dull.
We are working on to bring(an interview) to you experiences of some of the people who realized at the correct time and took an appropriate decision about their career.


Easier said than done

It is very easy to suggest someone to opt for an appropriate career.


But no one tells, How?

Do not worry we will help you here. But before that let me put the context. Before you take a decision
you must understand two things -:

  • Are you in a state to take that decision
  • Do you know the outcome of that decision

Let me quote an example-:

There is a train which commutes between Delhi and Mumbai daily. Hapchap has to go to Bangalore to join his new job and currently he is in Lucknow. Hapchap has to take a decision now :-

a) Are you in a state to take that decision – Hapchap is in Lucknow and wont be able to board the train
b) Do you know the outcome of that decision – if Hapchap somewhow boards the train he will reach Mumbai instead of Bangalore

So what happened? Hapchap uselessly invested so much time, energy and money and the outcome was
nothing but the failure.

We will help you in taking a correct decision for your career. Click here to get the below free E-Book so that you can understand whether you are headed towards right direction.

career guidance after 10th


What takes to be an Engineer

Obviously not just a degree. Currently prevailing trend in our country is such that the only thing you need to become an Engineer is just the degree. But we completely oppose it. So we thought, analysed
and researched a bit to understand what all it takes to be an Engineer. We could find three major things which are mandatory :-

Interest, Attitude and Aptitude
Dedication and Competitiveness

We are not getting into the details probably we will cover this in another post later.


A wrong decision can spoil your life.

In most of the cases in India people complete their 12th and start aspiring to become Engineer.
We did some research or rather survey by taking a sample size of around fifty Engineering students or professionals.
Below is the survey form we used to collect the data -:

career guidance after 10th

To our surprise 68% people had chosen Engineering because they were inspired by someone else but their favorite subject was not Maths, Physics or Chemistry.(represented in left circle)
Similarly around 54% people did not take the decision themselves and their favorite subject was not Maths, Physics or Chemistry. (represented in right circle)

career guidance after 10th

Next we asked this question to ourselves –> What does this result speak?
It was very much clear that Engineering was being forced on most people. One of the major reasons could be that Engineering is the fastest path to earn money and children start helping their family at an early age but this can have a negative impact on a long term.


Look Before You Leap

That is why you must always take a conscious career decision and career guidance after 10th for yourself. Do not allow anyone else to decide for you. Take inspiration from successful people but carve your own career journey.

Go for Engineering only if you love the career. Check this post where we explain how you can understand the latest trend in engineering using Social Media. Understand these trends or technologies read about them and if it excites you then you have taken the right career guidance after 10th and headed towards the right direction.

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