Gujarat Elections 2017:Poll of Opinions

Indian cricket team looks unbeatable.                              Vijender Singh has not lost a bout till date.                    Akshay Kumar seems to have forgotten to make flop movies.                                                                             And BJP is winning elections after elections.              Where is the world heading? Is there no competition left or we are developing a habit to concede to those who claim the top spot once.

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But hold on! Let's not take any credit away from Rahul Gandhi's PR team. After so many incarnations, rebranding, rebirths for the first time Rahul Gandhi has taken steps in the right direction.

Sattire tweet
Sattire tweet.

Opinion polls are indicating BJP's clear victory in Gujarat Election 2017 while suggesting some improvements in the performance of the Congress. The margin of improvement for Congress is:-

Trump explaining the improvement in Congress performance
Trump explaining the improvement in Congress performance

Various agencies conducted opinion polls before the Gujarat Elections 2017. Below is the poll of the opinion polls 2017.

Poll of Opinion Polls
Poll of Opinion Polls

Media houses invest so much but end up predicting the wrong opinion each time. No agency predicted BJP winning around 300 seats in UP elections earlier this year. On the similar pattern, we can rest assured that BJP would be repeating the similar performance in Gujarat whatever the exit polls predict.


Trump laughing at media
Trump's anti-media stance seems correct sometimes

To sum up we can say Modi factor is still very much working and fetching votes for BJP. Gujarat has been under BJP regime for the past 22 years and still looking strong to sweep the elections away but with lesser margin.



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