Why BJP is winning the Gujarat Election?

Another big state is going to witness the most important practice of the democracy i.e elections of the Vidhan Sabha . Though the popular saying goes as , “The route to Delhi passes through U.P” but Gujarat election this time around carries a lot of weight as this can be considered as a semi-final to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections . Stakes are high for both the big parties (The BJP and the Congress) . BJP is looking to repeat history and remain unbeatable since 1975 while Congress needs a victory to elevate Rahul Gandhi to the rank of party president which is long pending .

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Gone are the days when elections were won on emotional outreach . These days elections are not only fought on the streets and booths  but also on various different meduim such as Print Media , Electronic Media and the Social Media . BJP has been managing it’s media cell smartly and has invested alot in IT cell as well which keeps it ahead of its rivals . Seems Congress has finally realised that it is no more default choice of the people of the country and has started bringing up its infrastucture to match the BJP , but the gravest problem with Congress lies in its “Dynasty over merit ” policy .

The issues on which elections are fought reflects the condition of the the state to some extent . Gujarat election is not being fought on issues such as electricity ,roads , corruption allegations , agriculture . This gives an insight that Gujarat is really doing well on these areas and also has one of the largest industry base providing most number of jobs to the youth . The biggest issues are:-

a)Patel agitation – Patels are one of the richest and well doing community of Hindus in the state . Even the agitation was done on the roads on Harleys and BMWs owned by them . This agitaion is going to fall flat because it does not come from the community itself but it was pre-planned and fabricated to place patels against the BJP in upcoming elections . Any outrage which doesn’t arise out of the actual issues on the ground exists only on the media and televisions and phase out with time without leaving any imprint on the history .

b)As far as the business and trade doing community’s anger towards Demonetisation and GST is concerned  they must understand that these are pro-development issues and not pro-corruption which is mostly the issue in Congress governed states . Hence BJP seems to be having an edge here too .

c)Anti-incumbency – Till the last elections the face of the CM from BJP has been Narendra Modi which was a huge factor for BJP’s victory . Vijay Rupani looks little weaker when compared to Narendra Modi but he has an advantage as he comes from Saurashtra which is the largest part of Gujarat and can tilt elections towards BJP .

All in all BJP seems to be taking the elections away and the same has been predicted in Pre-poll analysis by different agencies .

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  • Satyam Pathak

    October 29, 2017

    There is not “two big parties” in gujrat.BJP is the one and only big party of Gujrat.


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