Disconnect between interests and curriculum leads to high absenteeism

Absenteeism an issue

Now a days high absenteeism in schools has become an issue. This issue has become an excessive controversy in academic institutions, specially in the state run institutions. One can not deny the fact that the disconnect between interests and curriculum is the biggest reason. The purpose of education overall development of the learners who are the backbone of a nation . Our education system is the maker of these backbones and should be committed to ensure a bright future for the would be generation.

Purpose Of Education

1. Do not force-educate

Disconnect between interests and curriculum leads to high absenteeism
Do not force-educate

The education system should neither be a burden on learners nor a robotic process which treats everyone similarly. The traditional way of education leave students with hardly any willful attachment to their schools. Quite often they would either fight or shy off from traditional curriculum considering it to be a lifeless hunter for them. Gradually, they will tend to stay at home leaving their schools and colleges. Thus, the overall purpose of education will be hampered to a great extent.

2. Do not kill the Originality

Disconnect between interests and curriculum leads to high absenteeism

The need of the hour is to bring some changes to the traditional way of learning as it will hardly fulfill the purpose of education. Our purpose is not to make only some crammers, first boys and second ones, rather we should hanker after creating the human resource which will be empowered with the quality of originality and creativity so that they can lead a nation to its supreme glory.

Steps to be taken

1. Introduce Vocational Courses

So, if we want to make these students actively participate in schools and college proceedings, student-friendly courses and curriculum should be introduced in no time. Vocational courses, Fine arts, Visual arts should be made the part and parcel of curriculum side by side the traditional courses and subjects to facilitate the learners to show the latent genius, originality, and creativity in the fields of their choice.
These efforts will undeniably bring more and more students under the schooling system. Only then, they will attend classes willfully and with interest. So, the introduction of vocational education in schools and colleges will motivate the learners to a great extent to make their presence in the domains of their efficiency.

2. Promote Creativity

Further, the academic authorities may very often organize exhibitions to showcase the latent and creative genius of the learners. The contributions of the learners should always be taken as revered one to inspire them in creative activities. Thus, the gulf between the studies prescribed for the learners and their interests may be bridged with flying clours. This will ultimately reduce high absenteeism prevailing in academic institutions.

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