How to use social media to take correct career decisions

The decision to choose a career after 10th standard plays a major role for the rest of your career journey. In this post we will discuss how to use social media to take correct career decisions.

An aware student always has a plan ready for next five years but just having a plan doesn’t help, you need to understand whether your plans suits your personality/strengths and interests. If you do not plan your career in sync with your interests/personality/strengths then the going gets tough. Now the question is how would you understand whether your decision to choose a particular career path is apt. This is where the social media plays an important role. This is such a strong platform that you cannot ignore it.

How social media helps realizing the apt career field?

Most of us move ahead in life either by taking an inspiration from a personality or a cue from success story of an individual. This not only keeps us motivated throughout our career journey but also helps us understand the pitfalls and avoid them. Social media has presence of billions of professionals, by following them or understanding their career growth, struggles students can strategise and plan their career. Their are so many useful social platforms and each can be used differently. Below enlisted are some of them and how to use them:-


Twitter is a very powerful social platform. Below are certain steps to be able to use it:-

1. Create a twitter handle
2. Search by giving related hashtags e.g If you are interested to choose Java Programming as your career you can search with – #Java #JavaPrograms #JavaCode etc.
3.Follow the twitter handles which continuously tweet on these hashtags.

How to use social media to take correct career decisions
How Twitter helps

By following the twitter handles of organisations/leaders of a particular field gives a better understanding of the latest developments or trends. It gives you an understanding on not only what you need to do to become a leader but also how would you do it. Twitter keeps you updated with all the important dates/events/developments/news etc.
Hence to keep yourself aware TWITTER is must.




Being closely connected to a lot of people who are either the leaders in the field you wish to follow or aspirants like you, gives a holistic view.

1.Create an account on LinkedIn
2.Search with the keyword related to the field you wish to follow.
3.Connect with professionals of that field
4.Notice the keywords in their profile/bio

How to use social media to take correct career decisions
How LinkedIn helps

Gives you an idea about the sub-fields you need to excel to have a similar profile. It also connects you to a lot of professionals in the same field which keeps you updated about the latest developments and opportunities.

1.Create an account
2.Surf around the job postings in the field you wish to choose

How to use social media to take correct career decisions
How helps

Even though you have just passed out of 10th standard still you can use to understand the type of Jobs various organisations posts and what they expect from a professional. This definitely helps you prepare yourself with the correct sets of skill sets over the period of time.

How to use social media to take correct career decisions

Assuming that you are already on facebook I would suggest that you must immediately like the pages of leading organisations in the field you wish to choose. This would give you an idea about the work culture, employee activities etc.

Competition is on all time high. To remain ahead you need to plan and prepare before others. Hence you must do all the above enlisted activities for the below reasons:-
1. To remain aware/updated about the field you wish to choose,
2. To understand the skillsets you need to develop over the period of time to have an edge over others,
3.To take a correct decision by reading and taking a cue from other’s success stories

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