Illiteracy – a Bane

The most basic needs to survive is not just limited to Roti, Kapda, Makaan. We must add education to this list. Education empowers one to visualize beyond what is visible. It enables you to think logically. Illiteracy paralyzes the entire system.

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We are in 2017 and India’s literacy rate still lingers around 72%, which clearly means that 28% of our population is still illiterate. This is not a small number, it is almost equal to the current population of the USA.With one-third of our population being illiterate we can not afford to even think to become a world power.

Literacy Rate India
Literacy Rate India
Illiteracy is an issue

Illiteracy is a seed when grown into a tree bears the fruit of the issues. It invites poverty, unemployment, alienation etc. Illiteracy is the major cause of population burst. Hence it is not just an issue but it is a package of issues bundled together. We have come a long way since 1947 when the literacy rate inĀ India was just 8%. But we are up against the best. Our closest competitors are the BRICS nations and most of them have literacy rate above 90%.

BRICS nation literacy rate
BRICS nation literacy rate
Education is the Right

China, despite having the largest population, has achieved the target of 95% literacy rate. But it is not just about competing for the other nations it is also about providing basic needs to all. Education is not the demand but it is the right which everyone deserves.

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