JEE Main 2019 twice – Will it actually release the pressure?

By now most of us know that from 2019 onwards NTA will be conducting JEE-Main twice a year. Is this going to help the students or will it put them under more pressure? Let us discuss this in this post and understand the implications of this new change in JEE Main 2019.

What are the new changes in JEE Main 2019?

GOI has decided to conduct JEE Mains twice a year starting from 2019 onwards through the affiliation of National Testing Agency (NTA). Below is the detail:-

JEE Main 2019

The objective behind these changes

  • You will get one more chance to improve,
  • Students will get an idea of the exam in the first attempt and then they can plan their strategy better for the second attempt,
  • You would not lose an academic year if due to some reason you did not fare well in the first attempt,
  • You will have an opportunity to improve in the same academic year


Let us welcome the changes done by the GOI. There is no doubt that the changes are done keeping in mind certain real issues of the students.  But let us analyze how it will impact the students.

Positive Impact

  • The exam will give more attempt in a single academic year
  • One will have an extra chance to improve
  • Droppers would not need to waste an entire academic year

Negative Impact

  • The two attempts in a single year  will reduce the overall time for preparation,
  • The first attempt scheduled in January will leave students with 4 months less for preparation,
  • Students appearing in 12th Boards will have JEE Main before the Boards which will impact the Board preparations,
  • JEE-Main first attempt will clash with pre-boards(held at school levels) leaving students under more pressure.


There are exams such as GMAT, GRE which gives the students the flexibility to choose the date of the exam. In these exams, the students can appear as many as 5 times in an academic year. This arrangement helps the student to strategize their preparations and take the exam accordingly. Why can’t JEE Main be conducted in a similar manner? If done it will help provide more freedom as well as release the pressure from students.

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