Options after 10th standard : Everything you need to know

Importance of Decision

The parameters to judge one’s success in our country is slightly incorrect. I have often written in many of my previous posts that every individual is unique and can carve his/her own success. If you judge Sachin Tendulkar’s career from the lense of an educationist or a scientist then he would turn out to be a failed individual. But is it so? He is the genius of his field. Till 10th standard life is easy but after that, we need to take the first decision which sets the direction in which we move for the rest of our lives. That is why it is very important to understand what are the career options after 10th standard or courses after 10th and which one suits us the best. We must plan our career and education very consciously.
That is why we say the biggest question after 10th standard is – What’s Next?

What's Next
What’s Next

Career options after 10th standard

There are endless options but the problem is that we are unaware of the most of them and eventually end up choosing the most common streams. Arts/Humanities, Engineering, Commerce are the most popular streams amongst children. In 2016-17 Government of India published a report which states that almost 80% students had enrolled in only these three streams. While the evaluation was done for 180 streams which imply the rest 20% enrolled for leftover 177 streams. There are certain reasons for this imbalance:-
1. Less Awareness,
2. Social Stereotypes

Without wasting much time lets jump on to the career options after 10th standard. The combination of subjects for streams is as below:-

1. Commerce- Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies
2. Arts/Humanities- Geography, Political Sciences, Regional Languages, History, English
3. Science- Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology

Everyone plan their career differently. People who want to study further or want to do a degree course or a doctorate course can check out the section Further Studies while those who want to get into a job after 10th standard or 12th standard can check out the section Professional Courses
So below are the two broad divisions which can be further divided into sub-categories.

  • Further Studies
  • Professional Courses

Let us discuss each one in detail.

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Further Studies

One who is not in a hurry and wants to pursue higher studies atleast a graduation degree before taking a job can research this category as options after 10th standard for the streams he/she is interested in.

Options after 10th standard : Everything you need to know
Further Studies

Three broad categories under this division are:-

  • Science Stream

    divided into two major parts (a) Engineering, (b) Medical

  • Commerce Stream

    Even though we live in an era of technology and innovations, our future is not entirely dependent on science. Commerce provides the workforce required to manage finances of not only big and small firms but also countries and in fact the entire world. This field not only has a lot of scopes but also provides ample opportunity for career growth. For a career in commerce read Commerce stream

  • Arts/Humanities Stream

    Arts and Humanities open up a new vista of exciting career opportunities as courses after 10th on not only traditional but also offbeat grounds. In fact, Humanities subjects like History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Literature, Economics, Anthropology– open up innumerable career options ranging from journalism to Archaeology, Human Resource, and Social Work.
    For a career in arts and humanities read Arts and Humanities

Professional Courses

One who wants to take a job early just after the 10th or 12th standard has multiple options.

Options after 10th standard : Everything you need to know
Professional Course

There are various options under this category:-

  • Indian Defence Forces –

    the best way and the most direct way to work for the nation is to join the Defence Forces.Indian Defence Forces are one of the most prestigious organization to work for. no doubt a dream job for many. There are multiple entry schemes for more details checkout the post
    Indian Defence Forces as a Career

  • Staff Selection Commission(SSC) –

    It is formally known as Subordinate Services Commission. SSC was formed with the motive of conducting examinations to hire for the posts in various government ministries and their subordinate offices. Since government jobs are most preferred by Indian students, SSC examinations are the bridge between government and job seekers. For more details checkout SSC – EXAM, DATE, ELIGIBILITY, SYLLABUS

  • Paramilitary Forces

    Paramilitary Forces or a paramilitary organization is a semi-military force. Although in times of emergency, the Government may use them and give them status as equivalent to the military, but in natural circumstances, paramilitary forces, just ensure the protection of the people from the inside of the country, and yes on the borders too, for supporting the military forces. Check out the detailed post Paramilitary Forces

  • Polytechnic and Diploma Courses

    Polytechnic education is an education system where the emphasis is not only on the theoretical knowledge but also on correct practice-based learning. Apart from the academic knowledge, students are well versed with soft skills of communication, work ethics, discipline, presentations, and speech etc.  Through their induction programmes, they make students professionally competitive. They make students adaptable to the corporate world by their practical way of teaching. Details can be checked at Career in Polytechnic. This is a great prospect as one of the career options after 10th standard.

  • Paramedical/Allied Healthcare
  • Industrial Training Institutes(ITIs) and Centres(ITCs)

Unconventional Courses


Options after 10th standard : Everything you need to know
Unconventional Course


– other than these two categories we have below unconventional courses after 10th or 12th which have emerged in the past few years as a result of new opportunities in the market.

– Radio Jockey

– Animation

– Modeling

– Jewelry Design

– Footwear Design


To choose a suitable career options after 10th standard path by taking a correct decision should be of the utmost importance. Because they say, “One cannot judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree”. Hence decision should be taken according to each individual’s own strength, ability, and personality. Information is necessary to be aware of a particular career path. However, sometimes we tend to choose those career paths which our parents, family or society wants us to opt. The decision taken due to social stereotypes can backfire at times. Hence to keep yourself motivated we can always turn to some of the greatest people who ever existed. They changed the general perception, fought the stereotypes and emerged victoriously. To name some:- Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom. But this is easier said than done. Stephen Hawking is someone who showed the world how every decision can be proved correct if you have will and determination.

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