Preparation for Competitive Exam: Checklist before Engineering preparation

Preparation for Competitive Exam

This post talks about all the thinking you need to do before you start your Engineering preparations. We have tried to discuss all the distractions and how to remove them so that you can focus on your preparation for competitive exam in a correct and efficient way.

Table of Content

1. Journey Begins
2. Things you must know before you start preparing for Engineering
3. Don’t be part of the RAT race carve your own career
4. Less is more – Refer correct course materials

Journey Begins

Congratulations! You chose Engineering as the career. So for rest of your life you would be an Engineer doing some cool stuff. Isn’t it? Well that is the perception atleast. By the way if you are still not sure whether Engineering is ‘THE’ career then read this post -> Is Engineering the Career for you?

You prepare yourself before onboarding a train. Similarly you must brace yourself for the preparation for competitive exam too.

Do you know?

preparation for competitive exam

To tame a Lion you must know about it extremely well. Similarly you must know the competition and brace yourself accordingly. It is not going to be easy to become an Engineer and then get a good job too. There are three steps to it-:

  • Get a Degree and become an Engineer
  • After Graduation get a Job
  • Perform

If you do not do well in any of the above three steps then you would not lead a stress free life. Let us do some number crunching to understand how?

– Get a degree and become an Engineer –> 15 lakh Engineers graduate yearly in India
– After Graduation get a job – only 30% – 50% of the graduated lot get job each year i.e. 3.5 lakhs – 7 lakhs
– Perform and lead a good life– only 4%-5% perform well and lead a successful and satisfactory life. i.e. approximately 50,000 only

Do not get bogged by these figures. We just want you to be aware of the current situation in the country. In many cases the students are burdened with an Educational loan and when they do not get a job then the situation becomes challenging.

So out of 15 lakhs yearly only 50,000 become successful Engineers while others struggle in one or the other way.

You can easily make to the 50,000 cut but only when you:-
– Perform good in your Graduation
– Understand the career in detail
– Are willing to keep learning and performing throughout your life.

Do not take a decision hastily. Please follow the below UPDP model -:
Understand the preparation for competitive exam, as explained in the previous section
Plan your career consciously,
Decide your approach and
– Start Preparation.

preparation for competitive exam

Things you must know before you start preparing for Engineering

Once you decide to pursue Engineering there are certain pre-requisites which you should be aware of.
Since this is an important section we have written a detailed post on it, check it out -> Things you must know before you start preparing for Engineering. This part comes under the Planning section of the UPDP model .

You will have 12th Board Exams to prepare and in addition to that the preparation for competitive exam also need quite a lot of attention.

You must plan and divide the two years time well in advance. What all you need to do is:-

– You should primarily focus on three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Maths,
– Write down the list of books you would complete before the Board exams in all the three subjects,
– Make a list of colleges and their respective entrance exams which you would be aiming to take.

These activities will keep you focused otherwise in a time span of two years students end up doing the completely opposite of what they had planned initially.

Don’t be part of the RAT race carve your own career

In the previous section(planning section) I mentioned that you must make a list of colleges and their respective exams which you would be aiming to take. Remember that IITs have only around 1100 seats to offer and every year number of students appear is approx.. 11.86 lakh. This part comes under the Decide section of the UPDP model.

There can be many ways to approach this:
a)Aim for IITs and try to make a cut or
b)Aim for other equivalent colleges such as BITs, SRM, NMIMS, Manipal, VIT other state level good colleges.

General perception is that if one has good enough preparation for IIT Mains/Advance then they can easily clear other exams but this approach falls flat in most of the cases. Students who put a lot of efforts in preparing IITs and eventually fail to do so,do not score very good in other exams too.
Instead of this confused approach you must narrow your approach to some limited colleges. Consequence for this approach is that you will automatically move ahead in the race against those who have broader approach.

Refer correct course material and take correct advise

This is the Preparation section for preparation for competitive exam and the last part of UPDP model. Lack of availability of study material is an issue but an excess of availability of material is even a bigger problem. Choose those study materials only which are authentic and fits into your scheme of things. Read the post How to select correct set of books for Boards and Engineering exams to get a clear view on the study material you should choose as per you needs.

Another big issue with most of the students remain whether they should join coaching institutes or not. Well there is no hard and fast rule. But remember you are the best person who knows about your weaknesses and strengths hence it is you who should work on them. In short you must take all the guidance, study materials but stick to your own plans.

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