Understand Ram Janmabhoomi – Babri Masjid Dispute

The Babri Masjid structure before 1992
The Babri Masjid structure before 1992

Ram Mandir issue is one of the oldest and longest pending issues awaiting justice . Officialy India is a secular country but India’s very existence is on the foundation of religion and faith . Ram Mandir issue dates back to the times when Mughals ruled India .

1. What is the controversy ?

The controversial site called Ramkot in Ayodhya is the place where Lord Ram(popularly known as Ram lalla) was born and is now referred to as the Ram Janmabhoomi . According to Archeological survey of India , the 2003 excavations indicated presence of 10th century temple under the mosque .The Ram temple was demolished by Babur’s general Mir Baqi in 1528-29 and a mosque was constructed which was known as Masjide-i-Janmsthan till 1940 . In 1992 on December 6, a crowd of around 2 lakhs Kar Sevaks gathered in Ayodhya and demolished the Babri Masjid , since then this issue is pending and Supreme Court would be hearing the case on the day to day basis from 5 December 2017 .
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2. Proof behind the theory that a Ram Mandir existed underneath the structure of Babri Masjid ?

Ayodhya - The city of Ram
Ayodhya – The city of Ram

There are several theories around this controversy but the most popular and the widely accepted one states that the Ram temple existed underneath the remains of the Babri Masjid . This theory is also backed by Archeological survey of India . The ASI did various excavations in 1970, 1992, 2003 and each time new proofs of the existence of an older building underneath Babri Masjid surfaced .

3. The sequence of events :-

1527 – The Ram temple is demolished by Mir Baqi on the orders of Babur .
1853 – First time the riots take place over this controversy .
1859 – A fence was put in place by British Govn. and both the communities used to worship .
1949 – Idols of Shri Ram is placed inside the mosque .
1950 – First case in Faizabad Civil Court is filed by Gopal Visharad followed by Paramhansa Ramachandra Das for
the continuation of pooja .
1959 – Another case is filed by Nirmohi Akhara claiming the posession of the disputed site .
1961 – Sunnni Wakf Board also files case for the posession of the land .
1986 – Disrict court orders to open the gates of the disputed site for the continuation of pooja .
1989 – All the pending cases are transferred to Allahabad Highcourt .
1991 – State government acquires land for easy and smooth darshan of Ram lalla .

Demolition of Babri Masjid by Kar Sevaks
Demolition of Babri Masjid by Kar Sevaks

1992 – Babri Masjid is demolished .
1996 – Case hearing begins in Lucknow bench of Allahabd High Court .
3rd Sep 2010 – Lucknow bench of Alld High Court awards Central Dome to the Hindu Mahasabha , 1/3rd to Nirmohi
akhara and another 1/3rd to Sunni Wakf board . To understand the judgement quickly read Facts about judgement described briefly
2011 – Supreme Court stays Allahabad High Court’s judgement
5th Dec 2017 – Supreme Court to start day to day hearing .

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