Sneak peak into Engineers life

This post is a part of the series which we are developing to help students visualize a career stream. This series will help you understand a career from all the aspects. It is important to first understand whether a career is apt for you and then take a decision to pursue it. This post(sneak peak into engineers life) will give you an idea of engineers day-to-day life which includes professional life, personal life, office work timings, work culture, challenges etc..

Well, if you are planning to pursue engineering as a career and are still confused then read this post to have a sneak-peak into an engineer’s life.

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1. How is the professional life of an engineer?

Well if you can learn things pretty quickly and can implement them even more quickly then engineering is the career for you. The professional life of an engineer varies with the kind of work he/she is involved in. But if you are a passionate engineer then it will not be a 9 to 5 job for you. You will be expected to learn the work and finish it quickly for which you would sometimes work on weekends too.

2. How is the work culture?

Private firms are majorly target oriented. They always expect their employees to be on their toes and finish the work timely and efficiently, however, they also reward their employees for good work in various ways. Enlisting some of them:-
Attractive pay and perks – employees are paid handsomely. As there is a lot of competition in the market hence the pay and the perks remain competitive.
Swanky offices – to bring transparency to the work the seating arrangement these days are cubicles without division. However, the whole seating area has air-conditioners, CCTV cameras, comfortable reclining chairs, free snacks etc. available.

Sneak peak into Engineers life
Sneak peak into Engineers life
conference room

The office buildings are huge with multilevel parking, centrally air-conditioned, huge food-courts with multiple vendors with complete safety and security.

Sneak peak into Engineers life
Sneak peak into Engineers life
foodcourts in office

Team building activities – to keep the team interactive employers arrange team outing to resorts, hotels quarterly etc.
Miscellaneous facilities – in metro cities it is tough to travel to offices due to traffic hence firms provide free cab facilities also free lunch and dinner is also provided by some firms.

Sneak peak into Engineers life
cab parking space

3. How does the professional life of an engineer impact the personal life?

Generally, most of the engineering professional follow work hard and party harder mantra. Most of the offices expect their employees early to the office and early to leave while there are some which leave the option of office timings to individuals and expect them to complete the task timely. For engineers, weekdays remain hectic while they enjoy over the weekends.
Travel is a major issue in metro cities hence most of the people try to stay close to their offices to reduce the travel time. These metro cities have huge apartments with various facilities nearby tech. parks or company offices.

Sneak peak into Engineers life
prestige apartments bangalore

To conclude we can say the job of an engineer is glamorous however there are hidden challenges. The competition is huge due to a large number of engineers moreover markets are also not performing great these days adding to the challenge. Hence a person would need to be extremely competitive with great learning and implementation skills.

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