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Preparation for Competitive Exam: Checklist before Engineering preparation

Preparation for Competitive Exam

This post talks about all the thinking you need to do before you start your Engineering preparations. We have tried to discuss all the distractions and how to remove them so that you can focus on your preparation for competitive exam in a correct and efficient way.

Table of Content

1. Journey Begins
2. Things you must know before you start preparing for Engineering
3. Don’t be part of the RAT race carve your own career
4. Less is more – Refer correct course materials

Journey Begins

Congratulations! You chose Engineering as the career. So for rest of your life you would be an Engineer doing some cool stuff. Isn’t it? Well that is the perception atleast. By the way if you are still not sure whether Engineering is ‘THE’ career then read this post -> Is Engineering the Career for you?
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