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BA honours economics

B.A Honours Economics

B.A Honours in economics is an undergraduate programme which covers in-depth knowledge of economic policies and systems. Those who pursue this course gain a good knowledge of macro and microeconomics aspects. The course provides good analytical skills and data interpretation skills. The honours in economics teach its students various statistical and analytical tools for good comparison of components. Commerce field offers great opportunities such as CA,CS etc we have written a compelling article on a career in commerce read here.


It is a three-year full-time duration programme. After pursuing this undergraduate course, students can pursue post graduation courses like MBA, MA etc. B.A. (honours) has good career prospects and is a well-defined course. Students can pursue jobs in banking or commerce field after passing this course. It gives good knowledge of terms and definitions widely used in the economic system. It studies about producers, consumers, markets, income distribution, economic systems, economic policies etc.
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Chartered Accountant Course Details – eligibility, fees, syllabus, duration

Chartered Accountant Course Details

What is a Chartered Accountant

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT (CA)is an influential person who is the breath of every company. In addition to its tax compliance responsibility, it has many other crucial tasks. In fact, a CA is a technically competent as well as a competitive professional with great knowledge and practise.CA enjoys a formidable position in every company. The profession is highly respected as a CA has the good practical knowledge to serve dynamic solutions to the company. The professionals generated by CA course are dynamic professionals with good practical tactics and skills. This article will discuss in-depth the Chartered Accountant Course Details. For CS(Company Secretary checkout article ->Company Secretary.
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