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Here is the detail of the JEE Main 2019. You can check the frequently asked questions(FAQs) and their answers on dates, eligibility, process and application related to JEE Main 2019 (Source: Official JEE Main Website)

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Application Form correction notice
Notification on test practice center
Check you Date and Shift Notified on 5th October 2018.
How to take Mock Test Notified on October first week of 2018

How to apply/register for the Exam

Click the link-> Register here and proceed with the registration process.

Important Dates, Schedule, Type of Exam

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Is it correct to join coaching institute for board preparation?

Table of Contents

Know your competition
Break the Myths
School v/s Coaching Institute
Is it correct to join coaching for board preparation?


There is no definite answer to this question. For some getting a coaching might help but for others it might not. Some people consider coaching institute as a taboo while others think that it is must for boards. Most of the times student tend to follow the trend prevalent in the society. But this is not that simple. Let us discuss the Pros and Cons of joining the coaching institutes for board preparations in this article.
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Most efficient way to plan the Engineering exam preparation

Focused and Efficient Exam Preparation

When we talk about pursuing Engineering in India the first institute which comes across our mind is the ‘IITs’.
It is completely fine to think to get into IITs but it needs a certain level of dedication, guidance, planning and hardwork to crack the exam. Sometimes even after doing everything correctly students do not get selected to IITs. Not because they are not capable but because they are destined for something bigger and better. There are many other good colleges in the country which have great faculty and offer good placement to students.
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